Aliens on the Fast Track is the 14th (15th in come countries) episode of Monster Buster Club.

Aliens on the Fast Track
Season 1, Episode 14
Air date July 18, 2008
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Plot Edit

Chris has a part time job spring cleaning a shop. His boss nags him to make sure he finish or he'll be fired. Meanwhile, his friends come in to visit and suddenly their communicators detects an alien coming into the shop and The MBC Members try to power up, but they are not as fast as him. In only a few seconds, all items in the shop disappear and his boss nags him again and suspects that his friends stole all the items and must either get all the items back to the shop or pay for them by 6 pm or else he'll be in big trouble. A second later, Danny's video game is also stolen. Soon after that Sam, Danny and Cathy are going for a part time job try to repay the money for the stolen items, but later, all of Single Town's electronic devices disappear, including the MBC container! Can The MBC Members find this Speed Morpher alien before Single Town is in chaos?

Note: On Disney Channel Asia, this was the 13th episode broadcast.