Christopher is a male human from the central setting of the story called Single Town. He joins up with Cathy and her grandfather, in order to restart the age-old society: the Monster Buster Club. He is the blue Monster Buster of the team, and one of the team's two male members, alongside .


Chris has deep blue hair with left-sided curved bangs, blue eyes and a tanned skin complexion. His outfit is consists of a long-sleeved blue shirt under a short-sleeved blue collared jacket with pink and yellow stripes. Chris also wears blue denim pants with similarly white converse. When powered up, Chris wears the Blue Monster Buster suit, complete with the traditional neon highlights along the seams that glow both in the dark and during special situations. Also with his suit, Chris wears a pair of blue tinted visors that display a variety of information and are very useful. Like Cathy, Chris' initial starts with "C," and has natural blue eyes. And like Sam, his eyes match his suit color, their skin colors match, and their short names are used instead of their real names.


Chris is the technology expert of the group. He's also smart guy who likes computers and books. He doesn't like physical activities that doesn't involve with gadgets or his intellect. He's a member of computer club along with Jeremy. He also has a younger brother named John. It's unknown why Chris joined the MBC, though the latter is implied that he gets fascinated with the club's advanced technology.

Christopher is a real "gadget boy". He still thinks he can impress his friends by showing them his latest invention, usually a complicated gadget that never works as expected! Others consider him a geek but he hates it! To make it cool, he prefers to call himself Chris.

During missions, he sometimes forgets the most enormous things, the most obvious (like leaving his secret gadgets on the kitchen table, in the sight of everyone!).



  • Chris' English Voice Actor is famously known for voicing the original voice of Arthur from Arthur and Double D (Edd) from Ed, Edd n' Eddy.


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