Frieda Smith






Monster Buster Club


Galactic Alien

History Edit

Frieda is Mr. Smith's sister and Cathy's grandaunt. She's a fun-loving, caring and happy-go-lucky person especially when she meets her brother and her niece. She first came to Earth to visit his younger brother. Later on, Mr. Smith and the MBC finds out that she's a secret weapon that the Destiny Puzzle is referring to and she defeats Grandpa and Grandma Octovore. When she returns to earth ("The Sound Of Moochie"), she brings her new husband to find an antidote that will cure her husband's singing obsession. Frieda likes to sing and visit intergalactic opera shows. Like her brother, she also makes herbal medicines.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Due to Freida being a Rhapsodian, it is quite possible that she may have shapeshifting abilities like her grandniece, Cathy Smith and as the secret weapon of the Destiny Puzzle, she has other superpowers such as superhuman strength, hand ritual empowerment, the ability to fly, and advanced combat.