Frogs in Space is the 35th episode in Season 2 of Monster Buster Club.

Plot Edit

Herptilius returns from galactic prison and seeks out The MBC Members for revenge. Back at the clubhouse, Sam and Cathy come with a busted alien and are told they have won a spaceship. Sam and Cathy also have pizzas delivered, but there are anchovies on the pizza, and no-one ordered anchovies. The spaceship arrives, and Sam and Cathy pick up Chris and Danny in the spaceship. But the spaceship is actually a trap set by Herptilius. John asks Sam and Chris if he can have a ride in the ship, and Sam says he can become an honorary MBC member for half an hour, so they set off. Sam, Chris, Danny and John are launched into outer-space, because Cathy accidentally eats a slice, setting off an allergy that makes her stick to anything she touches. The spaceship is captured by Herptilius, and Sam, Chris, Danny and John are cuffed. Meanwhile, Jeremy comes over to Cathy's backyard, and tries to hold hands with her. Unfortunately, her hand is stuck to Jeremy's while Hugo tries to find an antidote to Cathy's allergy. The frogs on the spaceship accidentally free Chris and Sam, who escape down to try to find the controls. They then try to send an SOS to Cathy, and Cathy shows the SOS to Hugo. Chris and Sam are re-captured. Jeremy helps Cathy out by using his 'Super Computer' to try to see what's going on in the spaceship. Cathy pretends it's a computer game and tells Jeremy she will give him a kiss on the cheek if he manages to keep the spaceship intact and manages to help Sam, Chris, Danny and John to get free of the cuffs and defeat Herptilius. John tells Sam, Chris and Danny about a video game he keeps on talking about, and that his cheats on it actually work in real life, so he is free of the handcuffs. Danny, Chris and Sam try this and become free of the handcuffs, and Cathy sends out a flashing code, which The MBC Members. Sam then plans out a plan to break free of the beam that keeps them floating in the air, which succeeds, and Chris grabs Herptilius' staff, but then Jeremy makes the other 'unmanned spaceships' bash into the spaceship, and this knocks everybody to the ground but Danny, who whacks Herptilius with his massive 'two tonne' gun, and Sam cans him. When The MBC Members are back together again, Cathy gets an antidote to her allergy, and is free of Jeremy's grip. Cathy then says, "A promise is a promise" and kisses Jeremy on the cheek.