Zubin is the Galactic Commander of the IGA and space protector of Sector 9. He oversees the MBC who often just refer to him as The Commander.

He appears on the MBC supercomputer to give special missions to MBC members, and is feared by the MBC whenever they fail his orders. Although Zubin has an important position in the Monster Buster Club, there's one thing he has to deal with (according to Principal Rollins) - mannerisms.

Sometime, he can't trust the MBC epecially in the The New Recruits when he adds two additional members who are bots that resemble half the team, which later become backfire as those Machine turn against them after a Virus entering their core system. Zubin may be carrying the virus himself as he appears sick.

Trivia Edit

  • Zubin has 37 stomaches.
  • In the episode The Famous Four, when the Commander was punishing the MBC (including Hugo) for breaking the first rule about keeping it as a secret, he emotionally took away all the kids' V-Com. But he should have been realised that it was Mark who did it, and not themselves.
  • He doesn't appear in all episode though, that makes him a minor character.
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