Gilbert's human form

Gilbert is a nerd and typical alien kid who likes comic books. He likes to re-enact his favorite comic book scenes as well as superheroes. When the MBC sees his true nature, his intention is to keep his comic book collections to Singletown. His mom tells him that he must find a place to store his collections, or else she will throw them away. When Gilbert comes back to Earth, he wants to thank the MBC for the lesson he learned by giving them a gadget. However, his gadget he's suppose to give, causes many people in Singletown laugh without a reason.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hypnotizes victims using his Omnicron Hypno-Orthodontics or "Hypno-D" (dental braces).When he's in alien form, his feet is similar to roller blades that can help him run fast.


He doesn't seem independent because he gets scolded from his mother. His broken reading glasses is, if possible, another weakness.