Goodbye Earth is the 52nd and the last episode of Monster Buster Club.

Goodbye Earth
Season 2, Episode 26
Air date November 14, 2009
Written by Al Schwartz
Directed by N/A
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Princess Sam
Enough of them.

Plot Edit

The MBC is infected by an alien virus. In order to quarantine them, the clubhouse was sent to outer space. This episode is made up mostly of flashbacks on the MBC's adventures showing how they got infected in the first place, but also focusing on the personalities of the team, and also notably insisting on the importance of team work to solve problems (many sequences show how MBC could capture aliens on uniting their strengths). Mr. Smith then uses his Rhapsodian healing powers to cure Danny, Chris and Sam, but fails in curing Cathy. It appears that the virus can't be extracted from Cathy's human body : so she has to transform back into her Rhapsodian form and concentrate hard to expel the virus. Once it's out of her, Cathy turns back into human & the team blasts the virus, which automatically ends quarantine. The clubhouse can now safely return to Earth...

Note: This is the series finale.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the last episode of Monster Buster Club.
  • Many fans speculated of what happens after the MBC return to Earth after they got sent to outer space in order to get rid of the virus infecting them. Well, it happens likely that everything is going normal again. It may possible that the Monster Buster Club will fight aliens more in the future if they cause trouble in Singletown.