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Monster Buster Club (often shortened as MBC) is an age-old secret society which involves of 4 members who fights and protects the world against aliens who create trouble. For an unknown reason, the club was disbanded, even though if the aliens would possibly would have wiped them out. The MBC today has 4 new members, like: Chris, Sam, Danny and Cathy. And thanks to Cathy, the Monster Buster Club is finally restarted.

History Edit


The ancient MBC.

The Monster Buster Club was an ancient society that consisted of four members who would fight for and protect innocent galaxies and planets against malicious monsters and aliens alike.

The MBC is now reborn thanks to Cathy and her friends who have taken the oath and devoted themselves to the better of the world.

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The team, Monster Buster Club: The new generation of Monster Busters.

Known MembersEdit


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Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that the MBC before Cathy restarted was disbanded because that the former members were breaking the rules about keeping it as a secret or about teamwork. We absolutely will never know why it got disbanded, maybe that the aliens wiped them out. Who knows?