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Status of the Addison Single that have redesigned by the people in the Town. Now, It already become the symbol of both Alien and Humans that sharing the Town without Violence. But It is also the main point where the event have repeated every single time for the Alien Rampage after the MBC have reborn every hundred year.

Single Town

Singletown viewed by the mountains.

Single Town is the location that most of the Human and Disguised Aliens Living. It is one of the famous area where aliens come and go returning to planet and arrived to earth for tourist. It was founded by Addison Single 200 years ago, a Glob The Smalled Hearted that destroyed most part of the old town that almost leaving the people couldn't even live here. The first Monster Buster Club that have founded at the same time and was able to cap the him make it into a status to honor him until today. The Town is a site, where a lot of Mysterious still haven't discover yet, that have being bound by the boundary that set between separate every hundred years of changes.